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      Electric car motor internal gear lubrication. Disassembly and maintenance

      發布時間:2017-03-22 22:55:39
      Abstract: electric car installation - maintenance - maintenance - after-sales articles: electric car motor gear lubrication. Disassembly and maintenance overview. The following content from the purchase network finishing. For your reference.
      Electric car motor internal gear lubrication, disassembly and maintenance
      In the electric bicycle industry, the motor generally refers to the motor assembly, including the electric heart, slowdown and so on. Here we talk about electric bicycles are motor assembly.
      First, the motor demolition
      Before removing the motor, first unplug the lead of the motor and the controller, and it is important to record the correspondence between the motor lead color and the controller lead color.
      Open the motor cover should be cleaned before the site to prevent the debris was sucked in the motor on the magnet. Do the mark of the relative position of the end cap and the hub. Note: Be sure to loosen the screws to prevent deformation of the motor housing.
      The air gap between the rotor of the motor and the stator is called the air gap (air gap). Generally, the air gap of the motor is between 0.25 and 0.8mm. When the motor is removed from the motor, the original end mark must be assembled, This can prevent the secondary assembly after the phenomenon of the chamber.

      Second, the motor gear lubrication
      If the noise of the brush motor with the brushless hub motor starts to become larger, or if the gears in the motor are replaced, all the gears of the gears should be painted with grease, usually with grease # 3 or factory specified lubricating oil.

      Third, the assembly of the motor
      Before assembling the brush motor, check the elasticity of the spring inside the brush and check whether the carbon brush and the brush grip are rubbed. Check whether the carbon brush can reach the maximum stroke in the brush grip. Note that the correct positioning of the carbon brush and the inverter , So as not to card bad carbon brush or brush grip.
      When installing the motor, first clean the surface of the motor parts of the impurities, so as not to affect the normal operation of the motor, and must be fixed to the hub body, so as not to be installed due to the strong attraction of the magnet, causing parts to hit each other, damage.

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